Raspbian France is not only a motivated team of authors, it is also a beautiful community that helps each other. If you want to join the party and help the community, you can use this form to send us your own tutorials or news that we publish on the site.

If we publish the tutorial we explicitly cite the author of the tutorial, and if appropriate, a link to his website (possibly with a small description of it).

To be published an article must respect the following rules:

  1. To be linked to the Raspberry Pi or Raspbian
  2. Write at least 300 words for a new and 400 for a tutorial
  3. Be written in good English without fault, as much as possible
  4. To be your creation, no copy/paste from another website
  5. Treat of a new subject or offer a new perspective to an existant article
  6. Must be complete and not require to go to another website
  7. Contextualize the subject (ex: To install software , who created it, what is it used for, etc.. , and only then how to install it)

If you follow all these rules, your tutorial is almost assured to be released!

If you want to use an image in your articles, simply upload it online on the host of your choice and add (img: url_image) at the position of your article where you want it to appear.

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