La Raspberry PI 0, une Raspberry Pi à 5€

The Raspberry Pi Zero, a computer at 5$ !

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Some time ago we were talking about the C.H.I.P, a micro computer launched on Kickstarter for a dozen dollars.

Today, after the release of the official accessories of the Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi Foundation counter-attack by announcing the release of the Raspberry Pi Zero, a Raspberry Pi more lighter weight and especially much cheaper, only 5$ !

The specifications of the Raspberry Pi 0

The first question that comes when you see a $ 5 Raspberry Pi is of course the specifications of it.
Obviously, the specifications are lower than the last Raspberry Pi models, but they remain finally close enough to the first models!

The Raspberry Pi Zero connection

Let’s start with the connected, the Raspberry Pi zero (who by the way can be found on this amazon page) has undergone a slimming cure intended to retain only the essential connectors, thus enabling it to decrease its consumption, its size (the Raspberry Pi Zero measures only 2.8 x 1.7 x 1.5 inches) and weighs only 0.8 ounces!

On this Raspberry Pi, we find the following ports:

  • One MicroSD port
  • Two Micro USB jacks (one for power, one for USB device)
  • A Mini HDMI output (which will allow to use the Raspberry Pi on a screen without problems)
  • 40 GPIO ports (they are no longer GPIO pins out of the board, but rather holes for pushing pins inside).

So adios the Ethernet output, the 4 USB ports and the Audio/Video jack output. For standard use of the Raspberry Pi Zero, you will probably need to go through a self-powered USB HUB, like this one on Amazon and a Micro USB/USB adapter who can be find here.

Raspberry Pi Zero’s performances

On the performance side, the Raspberry Pi Zero is quite diferent from the latest versions and gets closer to the first one.

Concretely, the processor is a Broadcom BCM2835, that of the first Raspberry Pi, increased this time at a rate of 1000 Mhz against 700 Mhz for the first version of the Raspberry Pi.

As for the RAM, the Raspberry Pi Zero has 512 MB RAM, a very honorable value!

A good alternative to the Raspberry Pi A +

Finally, the Raspberry Pi Zero is especially a very good alternative to the Raspberry Pi A +, more compact, more adapted and also powerful at the same time!

Here is a short summary table!

Raspberry Pi A+

  • Processeur : BCM2835 ARM(v6)
  • Frequency: 700MHz
  • RAM : 256Mb
  • Storage: MicroSD card
  • Ethernet port: no
  • USB ports : 1
  • Display ports : Jack audio/video
  • GPIO : 40 Pics
  • CSI port : Yes

Raspberry Pi Zero

  • Processor: BCM2835 ARM(v6)
  • Frequency: 1000MHz
  • RAM : 512Mb
  • Storage: MicroSD card
  • Ethernet port: no
  • USB ports: 1 (microUSB On The Go)
  • Display ports : Mini HDMI + composite possible
  • GPIO : 40 Pics (not included)
  • CSI ports: No

Results of the Raspberry Pi 0

In the end, Raspberry Pi 0 is an excellent kind of Raspberry Pi.

To put it simply, it is not intended for use as a computer. If you are looking to mount a server, media center or a basic computer, choose a Raspberry Pi 3, purchase at this address.

On the other hand, if it’s to do home automation solution or robotics, with its less than 1 ounces, its size increasingly minuscule and its power consumption probably very reduced, choose the Raspberry Pi 0 which is really an excellent version !

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