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Here we are talking about all the news of the Raspberry Pi!
News, events, etc. No tutorial, only the event!

The Raspberry Pi 4 arrives in an 8 GB RAM version!

Raspberry Pi Imager, the foundation releases an official tool to install an OS on the Raspberry!

The price of the Raspberry Pi 4 version 2 GB of RAM drops to $ 35!

Raspbian France changes its name and becomes Raspberry Pi FR!

New Raspberry Pi 4, what’s new, what price, where to buy it?

Release of an official keyboard and mouse for the Raspberry Pi.

Release of the new Raspberry Pi 3B, what new, what price, where to buy it?

Introduce the Raspberry Pi Zero HW, Pi Zero with pre-soldered GPIOs !

Why should I have explained Bitcoin to France Info rather than to my grandmother?

The Raspberry Pi Zero, a computer at 5$ !