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The Raspberry Pi 400 has just been released, a computer IN a keyboard for 70 €!

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The foundation has just announced, as usual unexpectedly, the release today of a new version of the Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi 400, which is fundamentally different from its predecessors!

Let’s take a look at what this new machine has to offer, what’s in it, who it’s for and, of course, where you can buy it.

Buy the Raspberry Pi 400

Where to buy the Raspberry Pi 400?

Let’s start with the point that interests many of you: where to buy the Raspberry Pi 400.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is currently sold in two different offerings:

Currently the Raspberry Pi 400 is not yet available everywhere on Amazon, but it should happen very quickly!

See the Raspberry Pi 400 availability See the Raspberry Pi 400 Kit availability

The Raspberry Pi 400, a computer in a keyboard!

If you’ve known the 80s and the famous Commodore 64, prepare for a wave of memories with this Pi 400.

Indeed, like the computers of the 80s, this new Raspberry is a computer directly integrated into the keyboard!

Photo du Raspberry Pi 400
The new Raspberry Pi 400 is a computer, directly in a keyboard!

Yes, you read and saw that correctly, a complete computer in a keyboard, whithout the screen obviously.

A good idea is never too old to be borrowed.

Far from hiding its influences, the foundation claims its inspiration loud and clear, explicitly citing in its blog article the machines “BBC Micros, ZX Spectrums and Commodore Amigas”.

But, if the foundation was inspired by these old PCs, it is not only out of nostalgia, but above all for the practical aspect, which is not only a question of power, but also a question of appearance, of handling, and particularly in the case of the Raspberry, of bulk.

Photo d'un bureau avec un Raspberry Pi 400 installé.
Unlike 80s PCs, the Raspberry Pi 400 is only 2 centimeters thick.

With this new Raspberry Pi 400, no more cases, cables all over the place on the desk, etc. A power cable, a cable for the screen, if necessary a cable for the mouse, all directly from the keyboard.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is based on a slightly boosted Raspberry Pi 4.

Technically, the Pi 400 is built on the basis of the Raspberry 4, same ports, same graphics capabilities, same memory, same power supply, etc.

The GPIO ports are of course kept and easily accessible on the face of the keyboard dedicated to connectors.

The only technical difference is the processor speed, which is revised upwards, from 1.5 Ghz for the Raspberry 4 to 1.8 Ghz for the Raspberry 400.

The shape of the Raspberry Pi 4 has also been completely redesigned to accommodate this new format, as shown by this image of the foundation.

This image of the foundation shows the different parts, keyboard, thermal plate, Pi 4 new format.

Another difference, thanks to its less compact shape and the use of integrated heat sinks (the gray part of the image above), this Raspberry Pi 400 should heat much less than the Raspberry Pi 4, which seems to confirm the tests by François from the site

Courbe de température du Raspberry Pi 400 sous forte charge processeur.
Temperature curve during 30 minutes of 100% CPU load.

Finally, who is this Raspberry Pi 400 for?

Avec ce nouveau modèle, la fondation tranche radicalement avec son approche historique assez peu orientée expérience utilisateur, du moins au niveau physique.

With this new model, the foundation contrasts radically with its historical approach that was not very oriented towards user experience, at least at the physical level.

The Raspberry Pi 400 should therefore make an excellent Christmas present, as suggested by the foundation, which speaks of the complete kit for the Raspberry Pi 400 as the perfect “Christmas morning” product, with everything in the box, Pi 400, cables, official mouse, power supply, pre-installed SD card, the official beginner’s guide, etc. All you have to do is connect to your screen or your TV!

Photo du kit complet du Raspberry Pi 400.
The full Raspberry Pi 400 kit

Good thing, because this year Christmas is likely to happen indoors: /.

Beyond children, this new Raspberry Pi could well interest two other audiences:

  • First of all, people wanting to find a very inexpensive PC for office and internet use without sacrificing practicality.
  • Secondly, developers and other electronics enthusiasts who can easily develop and test on the same machine, while keeping a clean working environment!

From our side we do not hide it from you, this product really seduced us and will totally find its place on our desk!

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