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This category contains tutorials that deal with physical equipment and modules that are added to the Raspberry, under Raspbian or other.
For example, if an article deals with adding a camera to the Raspberry Pi, it would probably fall into this category.

Release of the Raspberry Pi Pico W, a microcontroller with Wi-Fi!

The Raspberry Pi Pico, a $ 4 microcontroller made in Raspberry!

The Raspberry Pi 400 has just been released, a computer IN a keyboard for 70 €!

The price of the Raspberry Pi 4 version 2 GB of RAM drops to $ 35!

Turn off the camera LED for Raspberry Pi.

Buy the Raspberry Pi 4 and its accessories, the pitfalls to avoid.

New Raspberry Pi 4, what’s new, what price, where to buy it?

Buying a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and find the accessories, a buying guide.

Release of an official keyboard and mouse for the Raspberry Pi.

Release of the new Raspberry Pi 3B, what new, what price, where to buy it?